Hump Day, Frump day

It’s a very slow start to a day…but a start forward either way. I will be taking some photos today for our store and some of our giveaway “Memory Repressed Emily”
I laugh every time I get to say that.

She’s one in a minion!


The Unexpected End of Mr. Blue Tent

To quote one of my favorite songs from Bob Dylan, “Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood. When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud, I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form Come in, she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

And that is exactly what Mr. Blue tent actually did on a few occasions, but I am getting ahead of the story. To truly appreciate the story, I will have to start from the beginning.
I can honestly say that I have never owned a canopy tent. When we started to do our outdoor events for “The Crafty Recluse”, Jason and I hemmed and hawed over different types. Money was in tight supply and our time was even shorter. As I recall, autumn had just started and our hunt had only just begun. We went to a lot of different stores looking at the selection they had left (after the summer, there are sales….if you can find any tents).
We finally found one. There is a Big Lot’s over in Brick that we frequent on and off, and saw “Mr. Blue Tent”. He wasn’t brand spanking new (yes we are going with “he”, blue for boy..that sort of thing).
The box was beaten and the bag Mr. Blue Tent was in was ripped. Other than cosmetic issues on the outside, he was perfect. The price was within our range, and we even got an extra percent off! The Mighty Minion Maker and The Idealist had our first tool to go forward with our new venture!
I have to say that we kinda had an affinity with this thing! It just needed a bit of love to get it going, and when it did….it sheltered us throughout a myriad of events.
What adventures we had with Mr. Blue Tent!
I repaired the bag that he came in, and went to our first outdoor event. To be honest, I can’t say off the top of my head that we had a profitable day or not. I do remember that by the end of the event, we had made another step forward with our business.
We even had a banner made that we hung on the back of Mr. Blue Tent.
This tent did take a good amount of lugging, wind, rain, even a mini storm in the middle of nowhere! It had a few cracks, nothing that glue or duck tape didn’t fix. Our tent could take a beating and keep the beating sun off us!
Until about a two weeks ago.
We did an event that the wind was just too much for good ol’ Mr.Blue. One of his sides just bent inward and the supports snapped. We took him down and packed it up, not knowing the full extent of the damage.
A week after that show, we lined up another event in Middletown. We did our normal routine of getting things ready for the show….but we didn’t check Mr. Tent. As we were unpacking our minions and tables, we began to assemble Mr. Tent.
Mr. Blue Tent just went to pieces. I mean really, breaking apart in front of our eyes. Broken metal and plastic that no amount of duck tape would fix (and our family LOVES duck tape).

Our very first tent in less than one year had died.
Damn! We broke the tent. So with a sad heart that we couldn’t fix him, we took his “remains” (the metal frame) to the recycling center. At least there Mr. Tent will get another chance at being something else, rather than going into the trash and sitting in a landfill.
I know what you are thinking….”it’s just a tent….you can always replace it.” Or “it’s silly to hold such sentiment to an inanimate object”.
I think it was a “First”. You know…like the first dollar you make, or the first thing you sold. This was a first step in a new direction. It was a sign or the start for us to make “Crafty” a business.
Now we are gearing up for Halloween and looking for a new Mr. Tent. We have a few shows left of the season that we will have a need for one.

As we have to adapt and change with new surroundings and situations, we say so long to the old ways and smile with the new.
I never said I wasn’t silly, but I really liked that tent!
Goodbye Mr. Blue Tent, thank you for your service and remember….
You were one in a minion!

Our parents are the most creative artists we know……..

It is that time of year when we spend time with our friends and family. We go to dinners, fly all over, show pictures, and catch up before that one magical day.
In the mix of all the craziness of cooking, shopping, and mionionmaking……I find myself with an odd thought.
As I create one of a kind minions……
My parents are artists.
Now my father is a retired sergeant from the police force, & my mother did dabble in art.  Both of them make two fantastic works of live clay.
My sister & yours truly.
My sister has a great life…and a cool family! (My brother in law is such a great guy!) She is a strong, smart and artistic gal herself. 
I am strong independent myself…..with a great imagination and a silly sense of humor (and a clutz to boot).
Our parents did that…..they made two wonderful kids!
Artists can make great things from nothing.
Parents can do the same.
Parents are the most artistic folks on the planet.
Merry Christmas.

Milissa Lakas
The Crafty Recluse

Been Too Long………..

ImageIt’s Been so long since I’ve posted ANYTHING.

I’ve been minion making like a mad woman the last few weeks. I started this blog such a long time ago, then it just went to the wayside….which I must say sorry for.

Life sometimes get’s in the way of certain things, then we catch up.  Then we start to wander around in Point Pleasant with stuffed animals, taking pictures.

I am going forward with the “Recluse”, and in the near future we will be doing a few craft shows.  We are also going to a few stores for some good ol’ consignment work:)

Welcome Back the Mighty Minion Maker and her odd, but loveable Minions.  It’s going to be a fun couple months comming…STAY TUNED!

Jaws of a grump-a-sarus and sewing to help the swelling,………..

I always hate when there is something wrong with my mouth, even worse when no one knows where or why my jaw hurts.
Because of this, I am in pain limbo.
Now, I am a bit happy to be at work with the minions again, I only work  now to distract my mind elsewhere rather than focus on my mad mouth.  I would like to create when I’m not biting my boufriends head off.  While at work, I notice my work is a bit better. 
I have be sewing a doll called ” ERIN” for sale on The Crafty Recluse and she is so …….divine!  Erin has been my focus when my jaw started to scream with pain.  All of that energy had exspelled into this cool creation. 
Then another thought comes into play, and as odd as it sounds, there is some truth to it.  While I do babysit during the week, (the gig started in sept when we had just moved in) I didn’ t create as much. (I’ve not babysat for going on 3 weeks thanks to my spiteful jaw).
My point, is when I flair or get sick, injured, or sad…my retreat seems to be my minions, or creations. 
I wonder if other artist did the same, or rather if they do, what was the “pain factor”  of their lives that made their work so fantastic?!
I plan to do some reading on this very subject, and if anyone has a few suggestions on a author or artist that I can study?
Until then, I’m finishing Erin today, and working on

a new project with a dinosaur. 
It has been rather hard at points to talk to anyone, even my better half.  So as a joke, I told him that I should make a minion that shows how crabby, or “grumpy” I am at that time. That way, he can tell how I am with out my jaws moving, amd give me the love one would give to someone in pain.